What's the deal with Bigfoot?

August 22, 2018


For centuries, the illuminating tale of the Sasquatch (Bigfoot!) has found its way into our folklore. Stories of its dominating stature, fierceness, and habitat have kept the creature alive, yet shrouded in doubt. From the early 19th century to today, the Sasquatch has not only evaded capture, but it has transformed into one of the greatest known cryptids of our time.


Currently, witnesses have been recording their sightings of Sasquatch on an online database dedicated to the creature. The self-proclaimed Bigfoot Field Researcher’s Organization, or BFRO, contains pictures, audio pieces, and detailed sightings from across the world. Reporting varies, but often the depictions don’t stray too far from the legend.



The most recent BFRO report detailed a sighting in 2016 near Lancaster, Ohio. The witness reported that he had heard a large commotion outside of his home and went outside to investigate. Donning a high-powered rifle, he saw a 7-foot figure reaching into his chicken pen. The man yelled at the figure, startling the creature and causing it to run away – a chicken in each hand. The man dropped to a knee and was about to pull the trigger when he heard large creatures running at him from all sides. The man retreated to his garage and open fired in attempt to protect himself and his family. This sighting was verified by a BFRO researcher and audio recordings were uploaded alongside the story. 


Whether or not the cryptid exists, this hulking creature has caused quite a commotion in popular culture. The most watched? A show on Animal Planet called Finding Bigfoot, which details four BFRO researchers on their quest to find the elusive creature. With any luck, the ScienceFM team will get to join in on an expedition. In the meantime, we’ll get our fill of sightings on the BFRO site.

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